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Ascendancy has the highest rate for extra-judicial solutions to past due mortgage loans.

At Ascendancy we aim to search for a solution that will help you keep your property and reduce your outstanding debt. Reach out to us.

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Traditional Restructure

A new beginning. You can start again with a smaller amount than the one you currently owe by more affordable monthly fixed payments on your mortgage.

5 Years Interest Only Restructure

You can't afford a smaller monthly payment? You can pay only the interest for the first 5 years and this will make your monthly payment even smaller.

5 Years Interest With a Purchase Option

If your economic situation doesn't allow you to cover monthly payments, we offer you to pay a lower amount and once your situation improves, you can settle the debt at a fix price.

Settlement + Discount

We will give you a very substantial discount. You may choose to pay with another loan, cash or with the sale proceeds of the property.

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