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Frequently Asked Questions

It is possible due to the default status of your account it was purchased by Ascendancy. We specialize in distressed asset management, which means we offer alternate solutions for our customers.

This is reviewed on a case by case basis and if restructured some of the terms may be amended to accommodate the agreed settlement amount

This is not intended to be our first course of action. As is customary, mortgage facilities are secured by properties. Therefore, the property is held as collateral to guarantee payment or settlement. Ascendancy offers its customers, where possible, Solution Products that are designed to retain ownership of your home. Should the options offered under our range of Solution Products not be feasible, the sale of the property is the last resort.

Unless the other accounts were transfered to Ascendancy, they will remain under the purview of the bank.

In the event of death, the death certificate. As it relates to terminal illness or unemployment due to medical incapacity, a medical certificate from your medical practitioner.

Ascendancy is a private asset management firm that acquires, manages, and services distressed assets. Ascendancy acquires both secured and unsecured facilities, which include but are not limited to mortgages, credit cards, revolving facilities, vehicle loans, etc providing flexible solutions to its clients., The solution products are structured to the specific product type based on the commitment by both parties.

Attractive settlement packages are available to encourage early settlement and is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If you reach out we can discuss a solution that works for you. Reach out to know our available offers and discounts.

Yes, you are responsible for the payments towards your water, light, property insurance, land taxes and general upkeep of the home.

If your account is assigned to a Collection Agency, the cost of collection is usually borne by the client.

If your contact information changes during your relationship with Ascendancy, it is the client’s responsibility to update your personal contact information with our office.

Full name, country of origin of the asset, the account number where possible (the number maintained by the previous institution), residential address and other unique identifiable information such as national identification number, date of birth, etc.

The payment options are unique to each country and can include but are not limited to:
– In bank transactions
– Bank to bank transfers
– Payments via bill payer merchants, e.g SurePay
– Via your assigned Collection Agency
– Point of sale payments in office
Review the payment options that apply for your country, please select your country on the top left button of this website.

Supporting documentation must be provided for further review. Please get in ouch so we can look into it.

Written out of record simply means it was closed with your institution as it was sold to Ascendancy. It DOES NOT MEAN, the account was settled.

“Once settled will this asset be removed from my report?”

Though each territory may have different reporting procedures, it is customary that the debt is maintained on the report until five years after the date of settlement. However, once settled the status should be updated to reflect same.

Please refer to the “Contact Us” page for your specific country on our website.

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