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Still have some doubts? See some of our testimonial videos or simply get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

Debt Recovery and Healing
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Step 1

Each customer is unique. Let’s talk about your situation.

Step 2

Let’s understand which of our solution products fits your needs

Step 3

Let’s work out a plan together so you keep your property, reduce your debt and regain control of your situation.

Step 4

Let’s stick to the plan and make some commitments

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Once on track you can refinance or consolidate your debt to lower interest payments

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Still have some doubts? See some of our testimonial videos or simply get in touch with us. We’re here to help.

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About Ascendancy

At Ascendancy, we specialize in providing tailored solutions to help you regain control of your future. Our services are exclusively for clients whose accounts have been transferred to us by their original banks. We are here to support you with customized plans and flexible options.

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We Work To Give Our Customers The Best Options. ​

We are an Asset Recovery Platform that gives our own list of debtors a sustainable solution to their payment obligations.

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We have a Solution Product tailored to your needs.

Ascendancy has the highest placement of the market of extra-judicial solutions for Past amounts past due on mortgage accounts.

We help our clients find the Solution Product for their needs.

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Traditional Restructure

You can start again with a lower balance than the one you currently owe.

5 Years Interest Only Restructure

You can't afford a smaller monthly payment? You can pay only the interest for the first 5 years and this will make your monthly payment even smaller.

5 Years Interest With a Purchase Option

If your economic situation doesn't allow you to cover monthly payments, we offer you to pay a lower amount and once your situation improves, you can settle at a fixed amount.

Settlement + Discount

We will give you a very substantial discount. You may choose to pay with bank financing, cash, or with the proceeds from the property sale.

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Our mission

Our mission is to provide solutions that satisfy our clients’ needs by delivering products that fit into their current financial situation, and help reduce their debt.


Our Goal Is To Help People Get Back On Their Feet By Focusing On Debt Reduction And Rebuilding

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Through the sale to Ascendancy, who specialize in distressed asset management, alternate financing solutions can be made available for customers.

No, the terms of your mortgage will not change

Ascendancy is a private asset management firm that acquires, manages, and services distressed loans. Ascendancy works with mortgage clients providing flexible financing solutions, offering, when possible, the opportunity to customers to stay at their homes by providing innovative solution products which may not be available through a financial institution.

Mortgage loans have property as collateral or guarantee of payment. Ascendancy offers its customers, when possible, Solution Products that aim to help them stay home.

If your loans have defaulted for non-payment, your bank may have sold them to Ascendancy. If your other loans are current, then they remain at your local bank.

Real Experiences, Real Satisfaction.

"Ascendancy was diligent and worked hard to resolve the situation. The offer they extended was unbeatable, and I feel super satisfied. Everything was excellent!"
Mark Williams
"They organized my debt in a way that allowed me to settle it. I am very grateful for the service provided."
Bárbara Rolle
"I want to share how pleased I am with the services provided to me. With the offers and the agreement, which I commit to fulfilling 100%, thank you for your excellent service."
Anthony Mohammed
guyana flaggg
"I want to express my gratitude for the excellent treatment and attention I received during the negotiation process and up to now. Thank you for your kindness and human touch."
Michael Singh
"As debtors, we feel satisfied with the treatment received from Ascendancy. They handle everything with courtesy, efficiency, and professionalism while managing payment solutions for clients."
Sharon Alleyne
“Me dieron todas la posibilidades que pudieron y eso me permitió realmente saldar, muy agradecido de su paciencia”
Juan José Martinez
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