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Our Company

Investing since 1989

Distressed asset Funds & Management

About Our Company

Investment Opportunities

Our Working Place

We manage Private Equity Funds focused on investments in Development Servicing Landing.

Ascendancy Fund has been devoted to finding investment opportunities for Qualified Investors and Institutional High Added Value.

Our Skills

Ascendancy manages over US$ 1.5 Billion Dollars from Institutional Investors, Insurance Companies, Banks, High Net Worth Individuals and Family funds focusing on:

  • Direct Investment

  • Real Estate

  • Distressed Asset Management

  • Servicing

  • Portfolio Management

  • Consulting

  • Financial Products Structuring

Why Choose Us?

The main quality of the servicer is to be focused on cash flow generation vehicles.
We provide liquidity to those projects that have stalled, monetize Financial Institutions assets, promote the real estate sector through direct support to developers, and private/public sector housing development.
For several years we have generated returns higher than the bench mark .
We align our objectives to cash flow realization and maximization.
  • Our management team is conformed by experts with vast experience in real estate and financial sector.
  • We have created key strategic alliances in order to boost the real estate sector.
  • High investment in IT and processes for the continuous improvement of our business needs and new products development.
Our Vision is to be leaders and the most prestigious investment firm specialized in the distressed mortgage sector, over the Mexican, Latin America and Caribbean markets.

Our Featured Services

Distressed Asset Funds

We have high Fund raising capacity. We currently have instruments available for deployment.

Distressed Asset Management & Real Estate

We service assets as primary and master servicer for mortgage, construction & unsecured loans.

Investment in Real Estate Companies

We actively participate in the funding, management and corporate structuring of some related companies based in Mexico, U.S., Canada, Brazil, Caribbean and Chile.


Master Servicing

Based in Miami, Florida


One of our main functions is to supervise the performance of the primary servicers and their compliance with the operational guidelines set for each jurisdiction in the framework of the policies and procedures for management of individual mortgage loans set forth by the owners of each portfolio, taking into account the parameters and pertinent considerations stablished in Servicing Agreements.

Principal Functions

Ascendancy manages over US$ 1.5 Billion Dollars from Institutional Investors, Insurance Companies, Banks, High Net Worth Individuals and Family funds focusing on:

  • Provide clear and concise information to investors, authorities and other stakeholders involved.
  • Consolidate information from multiple servicers and/or counterparties.
  • Prepare Collection and Performance Reports of the portfolios (secured and unsecured).
  • Validate management and collection policies and procedures of primary servicers.
  • Measure effectiveness of the administrative processes put in place for the extra judicial and judicial collection.
  • Supervision and reconciliation of cash flows from the monthly collection.
  • Development of collection strategies.
  • Training and Coaching of Primary Servicing staff.
  • Support in the rollout of the servicing platform.
  • Assistance during the set-up of operations


  • Set up of the first Master Servicing Platform in the Caribbean.
  • Consolidation of a global servicing platform with expansion capabilities well beyond the currently serviced jurisdictions.
  • Internationalization of collection processes subject to stringent compliance guidelines. Increased marketability of the Ascendancy brand, through the global expansion strategy initiated on 2015.
  • Formation of an international team of experts dedicated to analyzing and implement the servicing and collection practices with regional outlook.
  • Standardization of collection practices, inclusive of the experiences inherited from operating in various jurisdictions simultaneously.

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