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In this website you may find the most relevant information regarding your Mortgage and the possibilities and alternatives to resolve the same.

Is your mortgage being serviced by ascendancy but you’re having doubts?

Ascendancy Bahamas is a local Company member of a worldwide group of Financial entities dedicated to the servicing and of Mortgage, Consumer, Credit Card and Personal Loans. Presently Ascendancy does not grant new facilities but rather focuses on providing alternate solutions to current debtors considering their current situation.

If you just found out that Ascendancy is the current servicer of your Mortgage please do not hesitate contact any of our staff members whom will gladly walk you through the next steps into rehabilitating your financial situation.

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Provide real solutions that satisfy our clients needs by creating products that fit into their current financial situation, with an specialized focus on distressed assets targeted to improve their possibilities of finding a suitable solution that avoids a new default in their loans.


Being able to provide real and affordable solutions to our customers, that meet their expectations whilst providing the best posible outcome for all parties involved.