Distressed Asset Funds

Proven capacity to raise capital for distressed asset investments.

Distressed Asset Management & Real Estate

We service assets as primary and master servicer for mortgage, construction & unsecured products.

Investment in real estate Companies

We actively participate in the funding, management and corporate structuring of multiple development projects.

Solution products

In Ascendancy our main goal is to give you the tools to recover and build a healthy situation for you and your family.

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Customer signing contract for a new house.

Repossessed Properties

As a result of foreclosure process, lenders repossess and sell foreclosed properties. Ascendancy sells these properties in each of the markets it has a presence.

Portfolio Acquisition

Ascendancy implemented a Distressed Asset Recovery Platform in the Caribbean, operating currently in 16 countries. Ascendancy acquires Non-Performing Loans from Financial Institutions and works with debtors to provide solution products that help them improve their situation, maintain their property (residential mortgages). Financial Institutions benefit from the release of distressed assets, recover provisions and focus on lending.

If you and your Financial Institution are interested in exploring the sale of NPLs please contact us @

Ascendancy is interested in the acquisition of distressed assets.

Trusting Ascendancy with the sale of NPLs is one of the best solutions possible, as Ascendancy works to offer customers real and viable tailored solutions to solve their situation and maintain their property, offering a second chance to avoid judicial proceedings.

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